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Fracture FX is a production-proven, cross-platform demolition solution for Autodesk Maya. Fracture FX's procedural, event-driven architecture allows even novice users to take complete control of a destruction simulation and final shots in record time. Art-directable simulations, efficient iterations, out-of-the-box usability and world-class customer care are the corner stones of the Fracture FX experience.
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Some quick tests with one of the new features planned for Fracture FX 2.0: SPRINGS! (aka glue between fragments).

Springs (aka glue between fragments) SNEAK PEAK! (available end 2016 in Fracture FX v 2.0) from PyratFX on Vimeo.

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The Fracture FX masters at posted these cool behind-the-scenes videos about using Fracture FX in one of their recent productions.

All back!

14 Jun 2016
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Now that we are all back toegther in the office, you deserve a serious discount on Fracture FX! Get it here:

Valid until Friday so get it while you can...

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Part of our crew will be out of the office between May 27 and June 8. 

Most likely this will not affect you, but we thought it prudent to keep you in the loop -  just in case there are any unforeseen delays with support calls or information requests. 

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Here are the highlights of this version:

  • It is now possible to re-order events
  • The event colors are now visible in the event stack next to the relevant event
  • A whole plethora of bug-fixes

As usual, the full list new of updates and features can be found in the Fracture menu under help--> changelog and on the wiki.