FractureFX Control your sim. Final your shots.


The tutorial depot contains tutorials for all FFX skill-levels: from total n00b to demolition expert. 
All videos are recorded in full, 1080p HD. To view them at full resolution, click the title of the video or right-click and select "Watch on vimeo".

  • Fundamentals: short-and-sweet video lectures covering the basics of FFX. 
  • Licensing: tutorials on non-technical matters like installing the plugin, installing the license, how to log in to your user area, how to get the latest builds, etc
  • Fast Track: this tutorial re-iterates the concepts explained in the Fundamentals series by applying them in a shot context.
  • Destruction in Production: advanced, production-based tutorials digging deep in FFX's features. These lectures illustrate step-by-step how FFX was used in actual shots.
  • New Features: tutorials on new features as they come out, hot of the press. 
  • Quick Tips: bite-sized (<2 mins) tutorials covering features that should be part of every demolition artist's arsenal. 
  • Archive: a repository of old FFX tutorials. 
  • Trial: tutorials about the trial version of Fracture FX: how to get it, how to use it, how to comb bunnies.