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Fracture FX version 2.0 will be available later this month.

13 May 2017
Posted by kmannens
  • For every Fracture FX version 1.x you already own, you can purchase one upgrade to version 2.0 at US$100.
  • For example: if you own 3 Fracture FX 1.x licenses, you can purchase 3 Fracture FX 2.0 licenses at the upgrade price.
  • 30 days after initial release, the upgrade price will increase to US$150.
  • An additional/new Fracture FX 2.0 license can be purchased for US$500.
  • If you purchased Fracture FX through a reseller, contact us for instructions on how to upgrade.

Fracture FX Springs: First Look from PyratFX on Vimeo.

Transfer Sim to high res mesh in seconds! (New in Fracture FX 2.0) from PyratFX on Vimeo.